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12 Liters to Gallons through Formula

12 Liters to Gallons – In this article, we tell you how many gallons are in 12 liters, both for US gallons and for Imperial gallons. Thus, we have provided it with its particular discriminations for the understating of the article.

Liters and Gallons


Hence, a Liter unit of volume in the metric system equals one cubic decimeter (0.001 cubic meter). From 1901 to 1964, the liter was well-defined as the volume of one kilogram of pure water at four °C and also, normal atmospheric pressure; in 1964, the original, contemporary value was re-established. Therefore, a liter of water equals 1000 grams, 35.274 ounces, 0.264 US gallons, or 4.2 US cups.


Therefore, a gallon has two definitions from two different countries. They are;

  1. United States unit of liquid capacity is equal to four quarts or 231 cubic inches or 3.785 liters.
  2. A British liquid and dry capacity unit equal four quarts or 277.42 cubic inches or 4.544 liters.

The United States liquid gallon is a unit of liquid volume equal to four quarts, eight pints, and also as sixteen cups. Therefore, the gallon is a US standard unit of volume. Moreover, gallons can be condensed as gal; for example, 1 gallon can be written as one gal.

How to Convert Liters into Gallons

Hence one liter is equal to 0.264172052 gallons. Furthermore, liters are liters, but be alert that we are speaking about US Liquid Gallons, not Imperial Gallons. Thus, US Liquid Gallons is the dimension we use here in The United States.

Thus, the formula to convert liters to gallons are follows:

liters x 0.264172052 = gallons

Example 1: Convert 5 liters to gallons

As per example,

liters x 0.264172052 = gallons

5 x 0.264172052 = 1.32086026 gallons

Example 2: Convert 20 liters to gallons

As per example,

liters x 0.264172052 = gallons

20 x 0.264172052 = 5.28344104 gallons

Therefore, the examples above relate to US Liquid Gallons. To convert liters to Imperial Gallons instead, you must multiply liters by 0.219969, resulting in Imperial Gallons.

liters x 0.219969 = gallons

For instance, that here we have given examples for better understanding;

Example 1: Convert 5 liters to Imperial gallons

As per example,

liters x 0.219969 = gallons

5 x 0.219969  = 1.099845 gallons

Example 2: Convert 20 liters to Imperial gallons

As per example,

liters x 0.219969 = gallons

20 x 0.219969 = 4.39938 gallons

Convert 12 Liters to Gallons

Conversion with the US Liquid Gallons formula;

liters x 0.264172052 = gallons

12 liters x 0.264172052 = 3.170064624 Gallons

12 liters ≈ 3.17 gallons

Conversion with the Imperial Liquid Gallons formula;

liters x 0.219969 = gallons

12 liters x 0.219969 = 2.639628 Imperial Gallons

12 liters ≈ 2.63 Imperial gallons

Nearest numbers for 12 Liters

LITERS                 GALLONS (US LIQUID)

12.04 L  =             3.1809775429326 gals (US)

12.05 L  =             3.1836195508587 gals (US)

12.1 L    =             3.1968295904888 gals (US)

12.22 L  =             3.2285336856011 gals (US)

12.25 L  =             3.2364597093791 gals (US)

Conversion of 12 Liters to Other Volume and also, Capacity Units

  • 12 liters = 0.012 cubic meter
  • 12 liters = 12 liters
  • 12 liters = 1200 centiliters
  • 12 liters = 12000 milliliters
  • 12 liters = 12000 cc
  • 12 liters = 12000 cubic centimeters


Hence, this ends our article about 12 liters in gallons. If these post about 12 liters in a gallon has been helpful for you, press the share buttons on this page so that everyone knows about it. Knowing how to convert two units of measurement is a skill that you should have because it can be handy while using immersive calculations. Hence, this blog shows the relationship between liters and gallons, its descriptions, the process for converting liters to gallons, and also, many more related factors.

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