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If you want to look bold and eye-catching, then Blue eyeshadow use. It is the best choice for your bold eye. It is a cosmetic product applied to the eye around for aesthetic purposes. It is available in a variety of blue tones, including light and pastel blues, to deep and bright blues.

Blue shade can make a different look for the eye and show the mindset of who wears this. Not everyone wears this colour because it looks very bold and different. When applying blue eyeshadow, keep in mind your eye shape, skin tone, and the overall cosmetic effect you want to create.

The Nostalgia of Blue Eyeshadow

This unexpected revival is part of the global return of the makeup trends of the 2000s on both the catwalks and the red carpets. “Nostalgia brings back colours and textures on the makeup side. We need to review looks that we already know, “says Margaux Jalouzot. However, there is no question of having the blues: thanks to technological prowess. The formulas of the products have improved significantly since 2000, giving way to more comfortable and easy-to-work materials.

“It’s nice to be able to go back and bring a twist of modernity. Enthuses professional makeup artist Violette, founder of the eponymous cosmetics brand, added that blue is also the best-selling shade of its range of liquid shadows.

In 2022, blue is mainly available in layette, navy, electric or azure shades. The experts are unanimous: the finish must be brilliant. “To stay in the 90’s trend, we opt for this very iridescent light blue, a little “frosty” that we saw a lot at the time,” advises Margaux Jalouzot.

The finishes also highlight the face the most: “Metallic is still easier to wear because it really catches the light, so the result will never be dull. There is a little less margin of error,” says Violette.

In Eyeliner Or Smoky

In Eyeliner Or Smoky

For everyday makeup, experts advise adopting the eyeliner version, which is easier to apply and more affordable. “We can take the risk of wearing this strong colour in eyeliner. It will always be chic,” says Violette. His technique to apply it without missing it? “With a brush, draw the line at the top “flush with eyelash”.

Then, with the finger, blur the edge of the line on the moving eyelid without touching the tip in the outer corner, which should remain more graphic. It makes it possible to blur the entire path length, which no longer needs to be perfectly precise.”

To try a more daring look at a party, makeup artists gladly recommend the smoky blue eye. “First of all, you must apply a fixing base on the entire mobile eyelid with a brush or finger so that it grips the blue pigment well,” warns Margaux Jalouzot. “Then, put down the shadow with a flat brush. Degrade it with another clean, softer brush.”

The expert recommends making up the complexion after the eyes because “inevitably, the pigments will fall or flow on the face before drying. So it will be necessary to clean everything,” she says

Harmonious Makeup of Blue Eyeshadow

As for the rest of the makeup, it is more discreet to avoid the flashy effect and to leave the beautiful part to the eyes: “The complexion must be impeccably unified, all the small redness must be covered”, recommends Margaux Jalouzot. “The foundation and the concealer are essential to perfect this choice because the blue brings out the bluish vessels of the dark circles,” confirms Violette.

The pro trick to look good when such a cold colour frames the look? “Pink blush is essential to counterbalance the effect of blue. The combination of the two tones is magnificent. It gives a lovely fresh complexion, “guarantees Violette.

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