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American Cycle Finance – About, Reasons, Payments and More

Introduction of American Cycle Finance

The American Cycle Finance (ACF) successfully established its platform through Scienaptic AI and was formed in 2015. American Cycle Finance Inc.’s headquarters is in Marlborough, Massachusetts, United States. It is an AI-powered finance credit company, providing financial institutions with sharper tools to improve their economic status.

ACF gets authorized through implementations to facilitate its co-partner motorcycle dealers in trading more vehicles to customers with little or no credit history through AI-driven credit commitments.

ACF can provide extra credit approvals to customers who earlier experienced credit turndowns or declines, undeterred by their credit score. The president of Scienaptic said we are grateful to help ACF get more motorcycle followers on the road.

Reasons why do Buyers & Dealers choose American Cycle Finance?

  • Credit for Buyers.
  • Sales for Dealers.
  • Most major Brands and Models.

Credit for Buyers:

Credit for Buyers

Buyers who have faced credit rejections or declines earlier can acquire financing regardless of their FICO score. There are various proceedings engaged in the buyer’s credit procedure. The exporter first enters a trading contract with a foreign buyer or importer. The agreement defines the goods or services supplied along with prices, payment terms, etc. The buyer then gains credit from a financial institution for the purchase.

Sales for Dealers:

Therefore, the dealers get amused by simple application activity, rapid credit decisions, and fast funding on the ACF web. There are several ways to increase sales: Enlarge your availability, cleverly stock your catalog, examine your pricing, offer special customer incentives and also, progress your team’s communication skills, etc.

Most major Brands and Models:

ACF provides motorcycle loans for most on-road motorcycles, model 2004 and newer, with less than 35,000 miles. Many various major brands have risen to the top of the bicycle market. While, in this sourcing guide, we’ll be sharing some most popular bicycle dealers on, along with the top bike brands in the US they are;

  1. Happy Child Products.
  2. Icon Health and Fitness.
  3. Worksman Cycles.

American Cycle Finance Named Official Motorcycle Finance Company of AFT

In 2019, on May 23, American Cycle Finance, Inc. (ACF) and American Flat Track announced a partnership naming the Massachusetts-based company The Official Motorcycle Finance Company of American Flat Track.

By partnering with more than 400 motorcycle sellers in 22 states, American Cycle Finance’s goal is to support all riders attain their two-wheeled intentions. ACF helps its customers finance their dream motorcycles while providing the chance also to build up their credit.

About American Flat Track:

Moreover, American Flat Track is the world’s best dirt track and motorcycle racing plan and one of the lengthiest-running championships in motorsports history. Authorized by AMA Pro Racing in Daytona Beach, Fla., this set is the world’s most competitive motorcycle racing plan. And catch all the American Flat Track racing action on NBCSN.

How much does American Cycle Finance in the United States pay?

Average American Cycle Finance hourly pay varies from $16.43 per hour for Insurance Verification Specialist to $27.39 per hour for IT Support. Salary information comes from 16 data points from staff, users, and past and present job posters on Undeniably in the previous 36 months.

Therefore, ACF reports payment action on all customer financial records to the major credit bureaus, enabling many riders to progress their credit scores and be suitable for other forms of credit and loans.


Hence, American Cycle Finance has become the vital lender of second-chance motorcycle loans for customers who have experienced declines or turndowns in the past. It is in the business of Finance, Automobile Dealers, and also, Retail has acquired Platinum Tax Defenders and Retrieving Services Support. The technologies that American Cycle Finance uses are Twitter Cards and GoCentral.

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