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Guest blogging, also known as hosting blogging, is a well-known marketing technique for blogs and businesses. In this technique, one has to identify other websites where he can contribute an article as a guest author.

Here are the Benefits of Guest Blogging:

1. Backlinks

Guest blogs are no longer an effective way to backlink. Google’s spokesperson recently announced that you should mark all links via a guest post as “Nofollow” or “rel=sponsored.”

Guest blogging was one of the most accurate ways to create incoming links to your website. These links can be obtained from the author’s biography or the article.

Usually, it’s difficult or almost impossible to create such links to product pages (if you’re in the eCommerce business). Still, it’s easy to make connections via guest posting on your resource pages, case study, or even a simple blog post.

2. Brand and power

You will build authority and increase brand awareness by writing down the guest you publish for your brand or business.

The key here is to post a guest post on blogs with a high level of development in your field of specialization. Even if you’re completely unknown in your industry, hosting blogging on relevant websites has helped you to be known by the right audience.

3. More commercial traffic and quality

Since your guest post will link to your resources, you’re more likely to get highly qualified traffic that leads to the conversion. If you delve deeper into your analytics, you’ll notice that referral visits from relevant sites usually have a high average.

In the case of guest notation, you are taking a proactive approach to acquire a similar referral movement. You can continually formulate a guest blogging content strategy in a way that offers your product/services, which increases awareness and thus overall conversion.

What is your Goal in Guest Blogging?

It is vigorous at this stage that your goals are predefined. Defining them will make your life easier, or anyone guest will post on your behalf.

Here are some of the known reasons for hosting blogging:

  • To build links to your website
  • To create the authority of the domain of my revolution
  • And to direct traffic to a specific mooring page on your website
  • To grow an email list

If your goal is to build backlinks, it’s a good idea to have a ready-made Excel sheet with links to your website pages + link text. These steps will help speed up the process as you progress through the guest blogging game. Criteria for Choosing Hosting Blogging WebSites If you decide now that you want to start guest blogging.

Should you Choose a Random Blog in your Niche?

This guide will teach you all the practical and executable steps you must follow.
Select high-quality, relevant guest blogging sites to make your guest post effective. The best way to get ongoing is to create an Excel sheet and list the blogs/websites you’re considering. Now, analyze these target websites based on the metrics listed below:

1. Similar niche/Objectively relevant

Your guest post must be published on similar niche websites. Otherwise, it won’t be effective from an SEO or visitor traffic perspective.

2. Domain authority (domain revolutionary)

It is the domain classification mechanism by Moz, which ranks the web page on a scale of 1 to 100. So it should aim at +40 in the domain authority. So, for example, you can read here about the domain of my revolution.

3. Traffic

Increased traffic is another key metric that shows whether a target website is healthy and growing. Make sure that the target website updates or posts new content. Otherwise, it wouldn’t make sense to post the guest.

4. Biography of the author

If the purpose of guest posting is to create an authority and name for yourself, ensure that the brand presents the author’s resume. Without this, you will only earn backlinks but not the brand you are looking for.

However, there is an exception sometimes when you are displayed on a reliable website that does not provide the author’s CV but uses your name.

5. No random articles

A quick look at the last 5-10 articles on a guest blogging website can let you know if blogs are intended for guest posting or offer high-quality content.

Many blogs accept guest posts for a price and don’t get rid of wrong links. Making your effort in such locations is not beneficial in the long run, and you should avoid it. The checklist will help you stay focused on high-quality sites.

How Long Should I Work on Guest Blogging?

There is no limit to the number of guest blogging you can submit. You can do one or two, or you can do several. It depends on your exposure, the time you want to write guest posts, and the benefits of writing those posts.

Some blogs help you get significant traffic. Others don’t help you at all. Select the best ones for you, and discover a consistent guest deployment strategy to help increase your traffic, your number of subscribers, and your authority.

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