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Ways to Improve Your Self-Esteem


To improve your self-esteem, the most important thing is to notice the signs proving that you deserve love, success and happiness. So whether it’s the love of your loved ones, your pet or the lovely little words on Post-its: notice them!

Change Your List of Movies or Series to Listen to on Netflix

If watching a workout program causes unease about your body or a documentary about a celebrity makes you regret confident life choices: stop listening to these kinds of shows. The choices you make can have a lot of influence on self-esteem. Don’t be afraid to change your programming to shows that do good, suggested Natasha Oates, a relationship therapist.

Stop Being Ashamed of Yourself

To understand how worthy of love and happiness you are, you must first understand the difference between shame and guilt, according to Jameela Jackson, a psychologist. He specializes in marriage and family life. Guilt is recognizing that you have done an evil deed, while shame tells you that you are a terrible person. Even though both of these feelings are human, only one is productive.

Guilt can motivate oneself to become a better person, while shame will only serve to feel as if one is not worth it. You made a mistake; Act accordingly to catch up and move on. Ruminating on past mistakes for too long will only make you feel bad about yourself.

Getting Rid of the Toxic Persons in Your Life

Do you have a friend who constantly talks to you about their problems but never responds to you when you need them? A parent who belittles you all the time? Sometimes the biggest obstacle to having self-confidence is hearing other people tell you that you lack confidence, especially when these toxic people are very close to you.

Jackson said there’s no need to cut off all contact, but it’s possible to learn to love them while keeping a distance. “Create healthy friendships by recognizing who you can share your feelings with without judgment,” she says.

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“Think of a place you love and know well, and take the time to remember every detail, whether it’s the sun or the smell of the place,” suggests Helen Kramer, author and psychologist.

Then, it would help to let yourself breathe in this relaxing energy to regain a sense of well-being. After that, you can repeat this 5-minute meditation when necessary. (Did you know that meditating while walking is great for mental health?)

Note Compliments

It’s easy to remember someone criticizing you, as it’s easy to forget a compliment. However, it is possible to do the opposite; take the time to remember every praise or little attention you receive.

You’ll immediately feel better, according to Kramer. “Don’t look for big gestures; instead, focus your attention on every pleasant comment,” she says. And it’s not just words; note any encouraging gestures or behaviours. You will realize that you are more loved than you think.

Be Grateful to Others

According to Kramer, recognizing the value of others is another excellent way to raise your self-esteem. For example, be grateful when someone does you a favour and take the time to say thank you. “Everybody likes to feel that what they do is important, so a thank you always sends a positive message to the other,” she says.

Invent a Positive Mantra and Remember It

Rather than remembering bad memories, choose your happiness by creating a mantra that suits you well. It is what Erika Labuzan-Lopez, a psychologist specializing in romantic relationships, recommends. This mantra can be funny, serious or consequential, as long as it represents you well. Repeat it when you’re facing significant challenges or having a bad day. It is possible to create a mantra or be inspired by these mantras to adopt right away!

Taking Care of Your Physical Health

Life coaches say that taking care of your health is essential to improving your self-esteem since the brain and the body are intimately linked. “Having a healthy diet and recuperative sleep, drinking enough water and moving every day

Take A Good Bath and Listen to Your Favourite Movie

A great way to take care of yourself is to allocate time for the activities you love. Do something that stimulates multiple senses at once, advises Karen Whitehead, a social worker in Georgia. Taking a bath with a scented candle while listening to your favourite songs or walking outside smelling the rain are examples of these activities with multiple stimulations. Focusing on these senses gives your brain a break from the daily routine.

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