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The Fitness Gear Bench is an essential part of the training equipment kit, indispensable for all those who wish to improve their fitness condition, reducing the risk of injury. Moreover, its versatility makes it possible to train a more comprehensive series of muscle groups compared to the classic flat bench.

What Is An Fitness Gear Bench Bench

Much more than just a training tool, it is a type of training bench specially designed to withstand heavy loads, providing a safe and reliable base on which to train.

Most gym training benches are equipped with a steel frame topped with a padded bench, thin enough to allow easy storage after use.

Different training benches are available. Essentially they can be divided into two categories: adjustable benches and flat benches.

Flat benches are specially designed for exercises such as bench relaxation and can usually withstand a more significant load. In addition, adjustable models are intended for various activities, including the heart, back, arms, and chest.

Why Use An Adjustable Bench

The actual anchor point of gym equipment, when it comes to training, is crazy versatile in its simplicity, this type of gym bench will allow you to perform a series of practical exercises, exploiting the setting of the backrest, always to find the perfect position.

The benefits of using gym benches are countless. Let’s list a few together:

  • They effectively isolate different muscle groups to target the effort in some body regions.
  • Concrete support of movements to help maintain a coherent form of gesture.
  • Possibility to perform a broader range of exercises.

Fitness Gear bench vs flat bench

If you are a lifter who trains every day with heavy weights, we advise you to choose a flat bench like our Mighty flat bench.

For example, if you own a power rack with a system of cables and pulleys, a weight bench of this type like our flagship model, bestseller Royal Banc Plat, could be the right choice.

Ultimate Fitness Gear Bench

Ideal for gyms that want to meet the individual needs of all athletes. Our Ultimate Adjustable Bench is made of laser and foam cut steel and is covered with artificial leather, which makes it very stable and comfortable. The legs have non-slip rubber on the bottom for added safety. In addition, it is equipped with wheels for easy transport.

Versatility vs Workload

To improve the versatility and variety of exercises, the inclined bench is the choice to make, without a doubt. This type of bench acts as a flat bench when needed.

But if necessary, it becomes adjustable to different degrees of inclination with a balanced motion range of 90 degrees.


As you can see, there are many models of training benches and choosing the right one is not always straightforward. Therefore, the Fitness Gear Bench bench is essential to the training equipment kit. It is indispensable for all those who wish to improve their fitness condition, reducing the risk of injury.

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