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Hairstyle Mistakes that Make Us Look Older


Getting older is part of life and has many benefits. But no need to rush things with those hairstyle mistakes that can be avoided. Instead, here are some tips to slow down the effects of ageing by choosing a proper haircut.
Women are bombarded with advice to look younger.

But what if you want to look gorgeous for your age? One of the easiest ways is to pay more attention to your hair. Think about your haircut, colour, and hairstyle like you would for your makeup or that blouse you love and feel good about.

By choosing a hairstyle that suits your face and lifestyle, you have a better chance of finding and loving the best version of yourself. Unfortunately, however, those common hairdressing mistakes do the exact opposite and age your face. Here’s how to avoid them.

Have A Crush on Flat Hair – Hairstyle Mistakes

As we age, our hair lightens. Even those with medium or thick hair will see it lighten, according to the famous hairdresser Nunzio Saviano, owner of the Nunzio Saviano Salon in New York. Some styles can highlight this age-related problem. For example, “if you’re in your fifties, it’s not flattering to wear your separate hair in the middle.”  Instead, you should seek to increase the volume of your hair:

  • Another haircut (usually shorter)
  • A change in the way you separate your hair;
  • Or a product to increase the density of the hair.
  • Following these tips is better if you have a light or soft coat.

Rarely Get Your Hair Cut – Hairstyle Mistakes

Another mistake that makes you look older – and goes hand in hand with flat hair – is to keep your hair far too long for the shape of your face and never have it cut. Long hair is often associated with youth. But according to Saviano, the opposite effect happens with age: long hair looks thinner, and thinner hair looks older. Her favourite look?

“The lob cut (contraction of the words ‘long’ and ‘bob’: the long straight at the shoulders, it’s chic,” he says. “If you have a long face, a bob can shorten it, and if you can have a round face, it can lengthen it. As we get older, it works on everyone.”

Do Not Frame Your Face

Even if you want to keep your hair always at the same length, you should add some subtle gradients that frame the face. Thus, you draw attention to your most flattering features and reveal your face to give it a fresher appearance.

The cheekbone is the perfect place on the face to start gradients – it gives an instant facelift by bringing out the cheekbone. Framing the beginning in this way allows for some dynamics, and with shorter locks, you can slide the fringe to the side or even create a curtain fringe.” A light patch Schitt will keep your strands in the correct position without crumpling them.

Having Too Dark Hair

From a certain age, too dark hair, and only one shade, can look flat. A unique super dark colouration lacks reflections, and all the attention of the gaze could be on your skin. On the other hand, you do not want to pay attention to wrinkles and fine lines, so it is better to favour a mixture of shades to get a sunnier look.

“If you opt for a too dark process, you may look too hard and severe”. “Softer, more natural tones are younger.” Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to bleach your blonde hair, but shades of caramel, chestnut, and light coffee can create a nice balance on dark hair. Be sure to use a shampoo that is safe for colouring to ensure the longevity of your dye.

Neglecting Your Scalp

Many people spend considerable amounts of money on skincare. However, the biggest mistake Saviano has noticed in women as they get older is that they spend a lot of money on beauty treatments but often neglect their scalp. “You must take care of your scalp as much as you have of your face.

“But most of the time, women and men lack information. Keeping the follicles strong through a healthy diet and receiving scalp treatments with every cut can make all the difference.” If you are concerned about hair loss and its intensity, a non-drug supplement can help. In this regard, here are some common myths about hair loss.

Wear “feminine” Accessories – Hairstyle Mistakes

All tastes are in nature, even if it means knots, sequined bars and oversized flower headbands. But if your goal is to find hairstyles that won’t make you old, some of these accessories aren’t the best choices. Of course, you can always wear a headband or raise your hair in a ponytail or bun, but you should probably give up the darlings and colourful pliers.

Instead, opting for simple, stylish, and chic accessories like a satin scarf, simple pearl bars, and rubber bands is more flattering. Here are 15 other style mistakes that make you look older.

Adopt Gradients that are too Short

The cut in gradients is good but beware of too short wicks that can lead to a fiasco. “Many women make gradients too short, wishing to give the impression of a greater volume in their hair. “But with hair that is too degraded, you’ll instead make your hair look thinner. Likewise, hair always cut from the bottom will give the impression that the bottom is thin.”
Styling tools that minimize damage are essential to recreating your well-degraded cut at home. For example, steam iron with tourmaline-impregnated plates will be very gentle on your hair and retain moisture while eliminating frizz and split ends.

Abuse the Conditioner

Maintain your hair, so it remains supple and shiny, or abuse intensive care that ends up weighing down the hair and giving the strands a greasy and soft appearance. Then, there is only one step to take.

If your hair is thick, curly and rough, a moisturizing conditioner designed for curly hair can tame frizz and make strands beautifully shiny. But reading each product’s label is essential to choosing a formula adapted to your hair type.

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