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Plant Meat is Healthier and More Sustainable than Animal Meat


According to one of the newly published new studies. Researchers found that food products and plant meat designed to be consumed as alternatives to animal products have the best health and environmental impact compared to animal ones.

A study by psychologists at the University of Bath has concluded that plant-based meats and dairy substitutes offer a healthier and more environmentally sustainable solution. Moreover, these two food varieties are a favourite of the consumer.

This type of food aims to reduce the demand for meat and dairy products since they are specifically designed to resemble the taste and feel of the experience of eating foods that contain animal products. So it is not just a way to encourage people to cook plant foods altogether.

In comparing plant meat and its products on the one hand with animal products on the other, we find that the former requires much less agricultural land and water for irrigation. And causes less environmental pollution.

After scrutinizing 43 studies on plant-based foods’ health and environmental impacts and consumer surveys. One study found that nearly 90% of those who eat plant-based meat and dairy products are meat lovers. Another study found that plant products with a similar taste, shape and price to animal meat are a preferred opportunity to be an alternative to these meats.

Plant Products and Meats

These plant products and meats lead to a decrease in the level of greenhouse gas emissions compared to animal products. For example, another study found that carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by up to 8 million tons per year by reducing beef consumption by 5% and replacing it with pea protein. A second study found that comparing beef and vegetarian burgers were associated with lower percentages of greenhouse gas emissions that may be as high as 98%!

Studies focusing on the usefulness and impact of plant-based products and meat on human health have found that these alternative products have better nutritional characteristics than animal products. For example, one published study revealed that 40% of conventional meat products were classified as less beneficial and had a health effect compared to only 14% of substitute plant meats.

However, others found that meat and plant dairy products could help those with specific health problems such as obesity. They had a good effect and an effective contribution to reducing excess weight and building muscle mass.

This study shows evidence that in addition to considering plant products and meats more sustainable than animal products in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. The amount of water consumed and the land they need for agriculture. Furthermore, plant-based alternatives to animal products also have a wide range of health benefits for the body. And food producers may be able to add ingredients such as edible mushrooms, microalgae
or spirulina to plant foods, promoting nutrients beneficial to the body’s health, such as amino acids, various vitamins, and antioxidants.

Companies will be able to provide consumers with diversified and sustainable choices, which may reduce the demand for animal meat.

Benefits of Alternative Plant Meat

Some of the main benefits of consuming plant-based meat are personal benefits for consumers. As many consume these alternative products depending on personal reasons.

For example, some people prefer to eat alternative plant meat because it aligns with their morals, principles, and personal beliefs. In addition, some plant-based meats, such as saturated fats and sodium, are nutrient-free. Some people may want to reduce their meals to maintain cardiovascular health. Research recently has linked the intake of large amounts of red meat to an increased risk of certain cancers. Especially colon and breast cancers.

On the other hand, most Western diets lack essential nutrients such as plant fibre, which is known to help reduce the risk of many chronic diseases. Since plants are the only natural source of fibre, a healthy diet based on integrated and varied food and focused on plant ingredients is a simple and effective way to increase the fibre level in food.

In addition to the possibility of obtaining more vitamins and minerals like calcium, iron etc. And essential compounds that provide more health protection and benefit to the body.

Cons of alternative plant meat

Although plant-based meat can offer several health benefits. It may also have some downsides that should be considered and wary of. Especially since alternative plant meat is not all manufactured and processed to the same degree and quality.

Some products are subjected to processing processes. Nutritional improvements and the addition of specific ingredients in high proportions. Others are as high in saturated fats as their animal meat counterparts.

And some burgers even contain more sodium than a single beef pie. It can be a dire warning to overall heart and body health. On the other hand, some alternative plant-based meat products may be more expensive per meal than others.

Today, there are increasing and varied amounts of plant-based meat substitutes for animal meat, many of which are so delicious. And easy to obtain that even those who don’t follow a vegetarian diet enjoy eating those products.

Don’t forget that legumes such as beans and peas. And lentils can also be used instead of meat in many recipes and meals. Not only is it less expensive. But it’s also rich in beneficial and essential nutrients, and it’s easy to add to home-grown burgers alongside salads, for example!

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