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What Is Tesla USB And Features 2024


You will need to enable the feature and install a flash drive into the console to use the Tesla dashcam and sentry mode. Your Tesla USB will record any threat to your car and allow you to save the footage, making it easy to identify thieves and people who damage your vehicle.

Teslas are the most popular electric cars in the US, for a good reason. One common question people have is how to set up tesla sentry mode.

So, let’s go into the details and discuss what Tesla’s dashcams can do and how to use them. I’ll teach you about the dashcams and sentry mode features, the kinds of USB drives to use, and how to set up your security cameras in your Tesla.

Does Tesla Have a Built-In Dashcam?

Tesla’s dashcams are some of the most advanced on the car market, and they keep your entire vehicle visible and safe.

Tesla has a built-in dashcam, but it has much more than that. Every Tesla includes eight cameras, four near the dashboard, two on the sides, and one on the back. These cameras can record security footage on a USB drive whenever your car is threatened.

Teslas have always included multiple cameras to make navigation, assisted driving, and security more advanced. These dashcams and side-cams record footage of the area around your car while travelling, allowing you to save files whenever you want.

Is Tesla’s Dashcam Always Recording?

Teslas have advanced dashcams that will catch people who threaten your car in the act, but your vehicle will erase the footage if you don’t save it.

Tesla’s dashcam is always recording, but it only records an hour of footage on a loop. So, once you drive for an hour with your dashcam, your car will start overwriting the recorded footage. Your vehicle will only save a video if it detects a threat or if you manually save it.

If sentry mode is enabled and you have a USB drive plugged in, your Tesla will only save footage if someone touches your car, activates the alert mode, or manually saves the footage.

However, if you are not worried about threats. You can disable the dashcam by tapping on the dashcam icon on your Tesla’s touchscreen. Alternatively, you can unplug the USB drive from your car to disable dashcam recording.

Does Tesla USB Dashcam Record Audio?

Tesla dashcams do not record audio. They only record video outside your car and won’t capture any sounds. So unless you turn on the data sharing feature, your data will be protected and will not be sent to Tesla or anyone else.

Although the dashcam will not record audio. You will receive multiple video files from every angle of your car’s exterior when it detects a threat. Ensuring that you capture evidence.

Usually, when sentry mode is in alert or alarm mode. You will receive four video files, each from a different angle, for each threat.

What Size USB Drive Do I Need for the Tesla Dashcam?

Your Tesla will only record footage if you have plugged a USB flash drive into your car. Of course, this USB drive must have specific specs to ensure enough space to store the video files.

Here are the specs that Tesla recommends for dashcam USB drives:

2021 Teslas come with a Tesla-brand flash drive, but you may need to purchase one for an older Tesla. Additionally, it’s important to note that Tesla-brand flash drives only hold 64 GB of data. So, you may want to upgrade if you save footage from your dashcam or use sentry mode often.

Best USB Flash Drive for Tesla Sentry Mode

Best USB Flash Drive for Tesla Sentry Mode

When it comes to your care, only the finest will do. Choosing the proper flash drive with the correct writing speeds and plenty of storage will ensure that you can capture footage when it matters the most and keep files without having to delete them every week.

Here are the best flash drives for Tesla dashcams and sentry mode. Which are all approved by Tesla and available on

Samsung BAR Plus 128 GB

The Samsung BAR Plus is durable and heat-resistant enough to last in the hottest cars for years, making it perfect for sustained use in a Tesla. In addition, it has a stunning and minimal design that won’t flash or distract you from driving and usually fits well in the centre console or glove compartment.

It also has all the specs you need for a clear, well-recorded video. The generous 128 GB of storage is enough to store months of footage from your dashcam without having to delete anything.

SanDisk 64GB High Endurance Micro SDXC Card With Adapter

  • This small but powerful SD card reader with a high-endurance card is recommended by Tesla for use in their vehicles.
  • This high-endurance chip is temperature-resistant enough to last for years without melting or degrading since it is made just for dashcam and security camera recording.
  • The 64 GB card stores 5,000 hours of video footage. And enough space to use your dashcam and sentry mode daily!
  • Sandisk 64Gb High Endurance Video Microsdxc Card With Adapter – Sdsqqnr-064G-Gn6Ia &Amp; Sddr-B531-Gn6Nn Mobilemate Usb 3.0 Microsd Card Reader – Sddr-B531-Gn6Nn Black

Samsung FIT Plus USB 3.1 Flash Drive 128 GB

The Samsung FIT is one of the tiniest USB flash drives, making it perfect for use in a Tesla.

They are also shock, weather, and temperature-proof, which will go a long way in your car. They also come in multiple sizes, from 64 GB to 256 GB. But most people won’t run out of space when using this 128 GB model.


USB ports in Tesla vehicles can transfer data or play media content from a USB drive. However, specific features and configurations may vary based on the model and software updates. Tesla frequently updates its vehicles’ software so that recent updates may have enhancements or changes. For accurate information, visit Tesla’s official website or user manuals for specific models.

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