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24 Mar 2023

White Nails with Gold Flakes


We have already convinced you that gold flakes are a great way to boost your interior design by tinkering with different cool projects. But we’ve found another gold leaf app that you’ll love. So, they invite themselves into the nail decoration to bring a glamorous touch to your look.

Thus, you will perfect the super elegant nail art that adapts to any occasion and clothing style. Whether it’s an entirely golden manicure or a single leaf as an accent, your nails won’t go unnoticed. One thing is sure: this type of nail art leaves all interpretations open. Gold leaf is a sophisticated way to refine your nail decoration!

Golden flakes of gold leaf in small pots – this decorative element is available in many variants. In addition, it does not fade and is super easy to put. Gold flakes do not require a unique top coat.
So, you could use any finish: gel, traditional nail polish still called “top coat”.deco nail gold leaf black in gallery gold flakes are very thin, so you don’t feel it on your nails.

It allows their application easy, provided you know how to do it correctly. All you have to do is apply the film on a sticky surface, “seal” it with the top coat, and that’s it! You will enjoy trendy nail art. In the following paragraphs, you will find more instructions for realising this mirific nail decoration. Gold flakes nail manicure in half-moon view in gallery

Half Moon Manicure

So, it’s a nail decoration that continues to gain more and more popularity: the half-moon manicure. Renowned for its versatility, it accentuates the upper half of the nails. The fascinating look above contrasts the gold leaf and the chosen varnish. However, you are free to favour your favourite colour but be careful not to “overload” your nails.

Deco nail black and white gold variation of the half-moon manicure makes it possible to marry three extremely sophisticated shades: white, black and gold. To give a glamorous touch to your nail decoration, we advise you to bet on the timeless colour – black – and accentuate it by applying gold leaf to create a half-moon.

First, lay a transparent base layer, glue the gold leaf using nail glue, apply the black varnish and finish with the top coat. Marry gold leaf and pink colour to achieve a glamorous nail decoration!

Gold Flakes And Pink

Gold and pink are a super popular combination for nail decoration and a trendy interior design. Opting for gold flakes, your pink nails will benefit from a glamorous touch. To complete this modern look, adopt the glitter on one of your nails, as shown in the example above.

How to recreate this black nail decoration where gold leaf makes the difference? Black nail decoration with gold will end our article by showing you an easy tutorial to help you better achieve this sophisticated manicure. First, prepare your nails by cleaning and filling them. Then apply a base layer and let it harden under the UV lamp.

Gold flakes nail instructions in the gallery to perform the next step. Bring adhesive tape. Stick two small pieces of tape on your nails as shown above to create the letter flakes tutorial on youtube. Using a spiked tool, gently apply gold leaf flakes. Continue until the V-shape is wholly covered, and carefully remove the tape.

Nail decoration with gold flakes on youtube or google, use the black/blue gel nail polish. Let it harden under the UV lamp for 45 seconds. Apply a second black layer and leave it under the lamp. Finally, it is time to use the top coat on all the nails and let them dry in the light for 45 seconds. And also, discover more nail design inspiration with gold flakes on google!

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