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How to Hide your Home Image from Maps Apps?


All you have to do is ask Google, Apple, and Microsoft maps to jam your property photos so that they are not seen by peepers and curious people online. Apple CEO Tim Cook also hid pictures of his home from map apps after having problems with a hacker.

Many of us don’t feel comfortable with the idea of showing pictures of our homes in front of millions of people around the world. But you carry the solution to this problem in your pocket and can get it done in seconds through the Maps app on your mobile.

Before proceeding with it, you only have to know that the confusion request is irreversible and will likely remain forever. At least, that’s what Google has announced. While Apple and Microsoft haven’t yet clarified whether the jamming is permanent or not. Nevertheless, they will likely follow Google’s style soon.

Google Maps

You can hide your home on the Google Maps app from your mobile or browser. Then, switch to Street View simply by tapping the image that appears while viewing the building

Next, you must tap the three dots shown at the top right of the screen (in the browser) or the top right (in the app), then choose Report a problem. Next, you’ll see a form to fill out, which contains the image and a red checkbox – make sure the box accurately identifies the part you want to blur.

Choose My Home from the list of options, type your email and tap Submit. After the jamming process comes into effect. Google may send you an email requesting additional details.

Apple Maps

Apple’s version of Street View is called “Look Around,” and you can access it by pressing the “Look Around” button that appears when you place a pin on the map or when you’re looking for somewhere (the button looks like a primarily small glass).

Apple’s “Look Around” photos aren’t as integrated as Google Street View. So first, make sure you have your home photos on the app. Unfortunately, you can’t request to jam your home photos via the app or browser – you have to send an email to an address:

Apple has not disclosed the content of the mail to be sent. But it should at least contain the home address. Attaching a property photo indicating where you live and specifying the desired jamming frame is also preferable.

Ping Maps

Bing Maps works on the website, and its version of street images is called “street side” to access it; you must press the View Maps button at the top left of the screen (often “Road” is the preferred setting in the list), choose “Street Side” and then tap the Blue Line on the map. Then, on the same page, click “Report privacy issue with this photo” at the bottom left.

In Microsoft’s Maps app, tap Report a Problem (bottom right). In both cases, you have to fill out a form.
Type in your email address. Choose the part of the photo where your home is. And select a house from the “Type of Concerns You Have” menu.

In the end, press Submit to deliver the request to Microsoft. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t explain many details about the jamming procedure besides these simple steps. Still, of course, you are supposed to be notified as soon as any action is taken regarding your order.

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